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Every contribution help us on our mission to offer more Scholarships & Bursaries for a world class Hellenic education at Saheti School.

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By participating in our Arts & Sports fundraisers, you help us advance Bizos' universal vision of a vibrant democracy through education.


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Our Mission

By his own admission, the core values of Hellenism underscored Bizos' work: Reason, the Pursuit of Truth, the Pursuit of Knowledge, Moderation, Civic Responsibility and Respect for Humanity and One's Self. Participating in sports, the ideals of sportsmanship & the arts are integral elements within the context of a Hellenic education. Over the past 12 years, in order to fundraise for new scholarships and bursaries the fund has hosted a number of highly publicized art exhibitions and arts events, as well as music and theatre initiatives. We have also established the annual "Arethe Daflos Art Exhibition" showcasing the work of prominent South African contemporary artists along side the work of Learners. Since 2012 we have hosted the very popular George Bizos Marathon and Family Walk on campus and in the streets around Saheti school. Our mission therefore, is to create platforms that represent the ideals of Hellenism, that "Tata George" believed were essential for a solid Hellenic education in South Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer all learners access to cultural and sports initiatives & programs, which alongside the high academic standards of Saheti School, we at the GBSSBF believe, provide a good Hellenic foundation.

The Goal

Our ultimate goal is to nurture Advocate Bizos' dream to create relevant platforms, through our fundraising efforts, to continue offering young people access to a world class education.

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The George Bizos Saheti Scholarship and Bursary Fund