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The George Bizos Saheti Scholarship & Bursary Fund

He who partakes of Hellenic learning is an Hellene - Isocrates

Since its inception in 2003, the primary aim of the GBSSBF, as set out by Bizos himself, is to create opportunities for promising young South African minds, with limited financial means, to receive a world class Hellenic education at Saheti School. By offering promising learners opportunities in secondary education, Bizos believed, we could build solid foundations for the future.

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George Bizos Saheti Scholarship & Bursary Fund

Our Philosophy

In honouring advocate George Bizos' legacy and his invaluable contribution to South Africa's democracy, our mission is to provide an excellent modern education that instills the universal values of Hellenism in its learners. The ideals of freedom, equality, democracy and citizenship form the cornerstones of our philosophy.

George Bizos:

“Our doors should be open to secondary school learners of excellence who would otherwise be unable to afford a world class Hellenic education.”

All contributions to the Fund, together with the names of those enjoying bursaries and scholarships are acknowledged in SAHETI’s Annual Reports.

Advocate Bizos is nationally and internationally acknowledged for his outstanding contribution to South Africa, through his legal representation of anti-apartheid leaders and activists and his subsequent work in the establishment of its constitutional democracy, and healing the wounds of the past.
The Fund has been named after Advocate Bizos, who has been associated with SAHETI School since its early beginnings, and served as a Life Vice President of the SAHETI Board.
In announcing the establishment of the Fund, Advocate Bizos emphasized that the spirit of Hellenism belongs to the world at large, and that SAHETI has a special responsibility to nurture it. “Our doors should be open to secondary school learners of excellence who would otherwise be unable to afford a world class Hellenic education”.

Our Mission

Access to a world class Hellenic education.

Contributions from Donors

Full bursary & scholarship sponsors may choose to contribute to the GBSSBF in a format of their own choice, in relation to the naming, duration, structure and purpose of the scholarship.

Candidates are Considered

Candidates eligible for consideration are children from the broader South African community. All children who partake of our learning are Hellenes. The main criteria are outstanding scholastic merit and financial need.

Donate to a Public Benefit Fund

Bursaries and scholarships are acknowledged in SAHETI’s Annual Reports. SAHETI is a Public Benefit Organisation. All contributions to the Fund are tax deductible in terms of current regulations.

Program 2022-2023

Creating Future Legacies 2022/23

Our calendar of events for 2022/23 will include workshops, online Chats with "Future Legacy Makers", live & online art exhibitions and auctions, sporting events and more, all geared towards celebrating the values of democracy and continuing George Bizos' vision in Creating Future Legacies - join us.

We are proud to announce "Creating Future Legacies" program, for 2022/2023, a notion inspired by advocate Bizos' tireless investment in the betterment of all our futures. The trajectory of Bizos’ work and legacy are underscored by the core values of Hellenism: reason, the pursuit of truth, the pursuit of knowledge, moderation, civic responsibility and respect for humanity and self. These values therefore, become the cornerstone of our guidelines for the “Creating Future Legacies” program.

Special Thanks

To our Sponsor and Partners


Meet Our Wonderful Team at GBSSBF

Prof. Damon Bizos


Christina Vougiouklis Klein

Board Secretary

Melissa Generalis

Events Coordinator

John Generalis

Arts Platform Curator

Creating Future Legacies

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