On behalf of the George Bizos SAHETI Scholarship & Bursary Fund

The George Bizos SAHETI Scholarship and Bursary Fund (GBSSBF), the Board of SAHETI School, the SAHETI School Community and the Bizos family mourn the passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. May he rest in peace and may Leah and the Tutu family take solace in a life well-lived. 

The Arch will be remembered for speaking truth to power in the apartheid and democratic eras. We recall with fond memory the gracious address he gave at George Bizos’ 80th birthday many years ago. He praised Bizos’ courage in the court room, and in turn, Bizos saluted the Archbishop for his life’s work.

These great men were respected and lauded throughout the world for their contributions to the fields of human rights and social justice – in the spirit of the great traditions of Hellenic democracy. They both made substantial contributions to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Archbishop Tutu chaired the TRC with humility, wisdom and grace and Advocate Bizos admirably represented many of the families of the victims. Tutu and Bizos were close friends for more than five decades and were brothers-in-arms in the fight against injustice. They firmly believed in the importance of the TRC process as a forum in the search for justice, accountability, forgiveness and peace. It is our great hope that the legacies of the these two exceptional South Africans will inspire future generations, especially in the religious and legal communities. Αιωνία του η μνήμη- May his memory be eternal. Hamba kahle Arch.